Digital Partnership for Cybersecurity and Resilience in Regions



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Wednesday, 5 October
Antoň Hotel, Telč
19:00 CEST Welcome Dinner (Antoň Hotel, Telč)
Thursday, 6 October
Conference programme – Panský dvůr Conference Centre, Telč
08:30 – 09:00 Registration
09:00 – 09:30 Conference opening Opening speeches
  • Miloš Vystrčil, President of the Senate of the Parliament, CZ video
  • Ivan Bartoš, Deputy Prime Minister for Digitization and Minister of Regional Development, CZ (video-statement) video
  • Mikuláš Bek, Minister for European Affairs, CZ (video-statement) video
  • Richard Kadlčák, Special Envoy for Cyber Space, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CZ video
Session I video Need for Resilience – Current security situation in Europe
Moderator: Jan Marian, Special Envoy for Eastern Partnership, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CZ
The developments in Europe confirmed the importance of high quality of cyber defence and resilience of the systems. Russian aggression against Ukraine was accompanied by massive cyber-attacks including against the institutions of public administration and exposed the prominence of digital battlefield. This panel will frame the discussion into a broader resilience agenda and highlight main challenges on the side of the EU and its partners. Experience and lessons learned from Ukraine and Georgia will be shared and the potential of cooperation can be discussed. The panel will also inform about the EU efforts to address the digital resilience of public administration at central and regional level.
09:30 – 10:45
  • Resilience as a complex answer to security challenges presentation video
    Ovidiu Raetchi - Head of the Euro-Atlantic Center for Resilience, RO
  • Main issues of protection of public administration in the field of cyber security video
    Shahid Raza - Director of Cybersecurity Unit at RISE, SE - online
  • Georgian cyber defence and cyber resilience - lessons learned from the war and post-war situation presentation video
    David Sakhvadze – Director of the Information and Cybersecurity Department, Office of the National Security Council, GE
  • Ukrainian war experience – cyber attacks and their impact to public administration, workable solutions, lessons learned video
    Serhii Prokopenko – Head of Operations Department, National Cybersecurity Coordination Center, UA - online
  • The EU response to cyber security of public administration on central and regional level, cooperation with partners. video
    Raluca Stefanuc – Cybersecurity and Digital Privacy Policy Unit – DG CONNECT, European Commission) - online
  • 10:40 – 10:45 – OPTOKON group in the world of current security challenges - introduction to an interactive presentation during the coffee break presentation video
    Tomáš Müller - Director of ICT division, Optokon, a.s.
10:45 – 11:15 Coffee break
OPTOKON group in the world of current security challenges (interactive presentation for those interested in area of second auditorium)
Tomáš Müller - Optokon, a.s.
Session II video Current threats and trends in the cyber and information security
Moderator: Andrea Kropáčová, CESNET, CZ
This session will focus on incident analysis and response as well as current cybersecurity threats and trends. The purpose is to share the latest experiences of information security analysts, incident handlers, security researchers and other national or local CSIRT/CERT-like team members.
11:15 –13:15
13:15 – 14:15 Lunch break
Session III video Capacity building
Moderator: Klára Jiráková, Vysočina Region
The purpose of this session is to outline topics connected with building capacities to ensure sufficient sources within the area of information and cyber security. Not only human resources are needed, but also technical capabilities such as protection, analysis and response tools as well as shared services. Proposals will be made to address these issues.
14:15 – 15:55
  • Human resources presentation video
    Anna Michalovová, Czechitas, CZ (10 min)
  • TW hSOC system and Financial model of hSOC system presentation video
    Eric Mao (Ching Hao), Taiwan Cybersecurity Foundry Company (15 + 15 min)
  • Estonia´s experience with transition from real world to cyber within the scope of ensuring cybersecurity presentation video
    Piret Urb, RIA, EE (15 min)
  • Setup, capacity and flexibility of the cybersecurity experts education system presentation video
    Petr Seifert, NUKIB (15 min)
  • Moldova´s experience with capacity building (HR capacity, technical capacity) presentation video
    Eugeniu Croitorov, National Service of IT and Cyber Security, MD (15 min)
  • Azerbaijan´s experience with capacity building (Cyber hygiene) video
    Tural Mammadov, Special Communication and Information Security State Service and CERT.GOV.AZ, Azerbaijan (15 min)
15:55 – 16:15 Coffee break
Session IV video Partnership and financial resources
Moderator: Petr Pavlinec, Vysočina Region
This session follows up outlining the topics of capacity building – especially in case of financial capacities. The panel will discuss where to find sources for sufficient financial resources for security ensuring and how to pay security professionals adequately. Not only finances are essential, but also trustworthy partnerships. The session will outline how important is to have established partnerships for sharing experience, common response procedures and early warning.
16:15 – 17:00
  • Community approach to cybersecurity in the Czech healthcare: Attacks, Challenges, Experiences and Lessons learned presentation video
    Radovan Igliar, CESNET, CZ (15 min)
  • Confidence building measures and partnerships in the field of cybersecurity presentation video
    Arshak Kerobyan, Meruzhan Antonyan - Digitalization Department of the Ministry of High-Tech Industry, Armenia (15 min)
  • Building partnership across European Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs)
    Karolína Menšíková, NUKIB (15 min)
17:00 – 17:30 video Conclusions and final debate
  • Jan Břížďala
    Member of the Council of the Vysočina Region for Education, Youth and Sport, and ICT
  • Moderators of Sessions I - IV
17:30 - 20:00 Evening barbeque and tastings of local products (Panský dvůr Conference Centre, Telč)
Friday, 7 October
09:30 - 10:30 Guided tour at the historic centre of Telč for those interested (more information at the hotel reception)

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