About conference

The conference is organized by the Vysocina Region in cooperation with the Directory of Czech Police of Vysocina Region in Jihlava and the Police Academy of the Czech Republic.

17th – 18th October 2019
The conference hall of the Region Vysocina, Zizkova 57, Jihlava, Czech Republic
The accommodation is provided free of charge for the foreign conference participants.
Meals are provided free of charge for the conference participants.

The conference will bring together representatives from law enforcement, educational sector, specialists in prevention and information technology, social workers, representatives of NGOs, government and industry. The event will address a wide range of issues relating to cybercrime committed by and against children and young people. The issues discussed will also include the children’s safety online, such as privacy in social networking sites, managing online identity and emerging trends online.

The aims of the conference are to raise awareness of the new challenges and opportunities in fighting online threats and to help share best practices across different sectors. Sessions will be led by the experts in the field of child protection and online crime prevention. The languages of the conference will be Czech and English. Translation will be provided.